Domestic Violence is a Child Protection Issue!

The short and long term effects on children witnessing and experiencing domestic violence have been well documented (NCH, NSPCC, HM Government etc). How children respond to, and are hurt by, living in a violent home will vary considerably according to age, gender, level of abuse and support available.

Children and young people may respond to living with violence in a number of ways. Some may become withdrawn and depressed; others may ‘act out’. There are many young people who appear to cope with the situation and only in later years face difficulties caused by the violence they experienced in childhood, for example, depression, inability to have healthy relationships, unemployment etc.

It is not straightforward to identify whether or not a child is experiencing domestic violence from the evidence of presenting behaviours or symptoms. However, for any child living with domestic violence it is highly likely that they will be adversely affected in some way.

Sea Change offers a range of training courses in domestic violence and child protection, essential for all practitioners working primarily with children and young people or working with families in which children are present (Open College Network Accreditation can be provided).

All courses can be tailored to suit your needs. Please contact us to find out more

We currently offer Domestic Violence and Child Protection training through Gloucestershire Safeguarding Children’s Board. For more information about this go to